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Yellow Vest Revolution

‘Let Them Eat Cake’ is perhaps the most recognized political statement of French insouciance. The arrogance and hubris of a totally disconnected elite.

Again, this past weekend, thousands of Les ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protestors [described by a Government minister as a ‘monster’ escaped from its creator's], protested all over France but particularly in Paris. At last count over a thousand arrested while the government appeals for calm. Some radical elements of the movement say they intend to attack the Élysée Palace, home to President Macron.

Political fever is sweeping France; at the core is a winter of discontent, with thousands of protestors wrapping their anger in a” yellow vest” that has now come to symbolize a nationwide uprising against fuel taxes among others. What initially seemed like a harmless display of color is beginning to alarm the French authorities and to worry that this may spread into a wave of “greater violence” and “rioting” on par with the 1968 upheavals – which may all end with a clash between police and protestors dead.............Already hundreds have been jailed, and equal numbers of casualties with one or 2 fatalities that, however, and in fairness, cannot at this stage be directly blamed on the rage of protest.

Unified by dissatisfaction about how the current Macron administration runs the affairs of France, this Yellow Vest movement is, in fact, another form of color revolution. It is set to paralyze a nation and points the finger at President Emmanuel Macron and his failures on mass migration, rising taxes on the masses but lowering [wealth tax] taxes on the elites, and unpopular labor and pension reforms. Together with the long-continued anemic economy. It is a color revolution we are closely watching – France historically has often led widespread social movement and change on the planet – it's not so farfetched to suggest that what is happening could dangerously spread, with the rest of Europe agitating with unrest and with the same battle cry against the elites.

If France fails to solve this, Europe & the entire EU construct is in jeopardy. It is up to Macron to quell a nationwide revolt before it becomes the worst street unrest in Paris in recent memory.

This yellow revolution could morph into a continent-wide resistance movement – something like a plague, a contagion – that will continue to hound European governments that are in cahoots with the policies of the EU.

History has taught us in the past, color revolutions when carefully planned, organized and executed can be a formidable method of fomenting regime change. If this agent of change happens to be France, then it's the beginning, and with no exaggeration to say it’s the start of the 1st falling domino over Europe.

And why not? The dissent we have seen in Italy, Germany [AFD], Portugal and Spain exactly mirrors the very same disappointment the French see in its current government. If France falls to the Yellow Vest Movement, Europe, and the EU is the next target of this euphoric ‘Tsunami of change.’

Will Italy follow suit and wear those yellow vests in protest at EU Policies that are detrimental to the Italian way of life? It remains to be seen. However, knowing how Italians are; just like their opera – they can get easily emotional and inspired.

This yellow anger currently sees no leader but with much rage to vent. It introduced eight spokespeople who disagreed with each other but are united in their anger. It could be a rising political force without a figurehead to which this government cannot effectively counter-attack. This makes it more difficult and threatening for Macron to quell or settle into a compromise.

In retrospect, this yellow movement was born out of a populist backlash against what is happening now in Europe – mass migration, austerity measures, unemployment, and economic decline. At the center of these are uncompromising EU policies that have put the ordinary European to more austerity and contention. We maintain that Europeans have increasingly been polarizing to both the far right or far left – and has left an environment of deeply divided opinion.

This yellow fever is gaining traction and momentum. Let us pray – that yellow does not turn into red – then it will be too late.